Today's Urban Renewal Network was birthed in 2002 when a young mother of 4 was working for a small inner-city church in Riverside, California. As she prayer walked through the neighborhood, she noticed that there were numerous churches within a mile or so of her church, but not only were they not collaborating in ministry to their neighbors in need, they didn't even know each other. This insight lead to a mission to form relationships and partnerships with all the neighborhood churches to care for the widows and orphans in their midst.

TURN was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2004 and began reaching out to the faith community in Riverside to meet the needs in our city. This early collaborative effort lead to TURN's network of churches supporting Path of Life Ministries efforts to help the homeless - including the establishment of the guest chef program and King's Hall woman's and children's shelter at March Air Force Base. 

Today, Libby Collier and her husband Alan lead the collaboration of over 50 churches and Christian non-profits to love the neighbors in our community.